For several years I have looked after the branding for the eat@ chain of cafés. This illustration is from a flyer promoting their new flagship cafe on Hastings seafront near the Jerwood Gallery. The existing branding was developed to suit the elegant modernism of the new build cafe. The colourful building blocks which are used in their park cafe were removed, but 4 stripes of bright colour, echoing the colour of the café chairs was used instead.

Proposed design for electrona transit van

Electrona Solar Solutions is a new solar energy company set up by Ben and Taru Edwards. We worked through several variations on a theme before ending up with a simple, clear solution. The original ‘bracket/leaf’ was adapted to become more organic and asymmetric. Look out for their van, you won’t be able to miss it!

There is such a cross-over between creating an identity or brand and applying it to a printed item or website. For example, the VERY St Leonards-on-Sea publication is almost a ‘brand’ for St Leonards. Likewise, I’ve repeated the cover side of the Imagen leaflet here, as well as including it in the design for print section. I created a very simple and versatile typographic identity for Imagen. The logotype can run horizontally or vertically, and can sit on abstract images or sky, or just out of a coloured block. The original colours used were soft blue and a wine red. I added a burnt orange to work with the red as a secondary colour palette to promote the Classical CDs.

The branding for Positive Energy came before the website, but I’m very pleased with how it works on the masthead. The symbol is combined with a very simple illustration of the seven sisters cliffs to locate the organisation clearly within Sussex. The primary colour palette of orange and teal blue is complemented with an olive green and a rich brown (requested by the client)! This commission also gave me the opportunity to set up the least glamorous photo shoot ever – we saved up buckets of food waste from cafés in order to get a photographic slice of compostables.